Taking Visual Studio Code and ASP.Net 5 For A Spin

Visual Studio Code Setup

Visual Studio Code Download


Visual Studio Code (VSCode) is the latest free cross platform lightweight IDE from Microsoft. Visual Studio Code and ASP.Net 5 are being released as free and open source.

Initial Impressions for Visual Studio Code


  • Lightweight IDE
  • Support for many Languages with IntelliSense
  • Git Integration
  • Open Folder
  • Easy Split Window Navigation
  • User and Workspace settings in JSON


  • Does not support regions for C#
  • Keeps hanging when you use on large .Net solutions (Open Folder)

ASP.Net 5 Setup

According to Microsoft, DNX was built entirely from the ground up. The ASP.Net 5 was also created from the ground up, meaning all ASP.Net 5 projects are DNX projects. Good thing to note is that ASP.Net 5 is not anymore based from System.Web.dll. Things are built around the concept of packages and on demand references.


In order to install and run ASP.Net 5 from Windows, you will need to install the DNVM (Version Manager), DNU (Utility) and DNX (Execution Engine). The steps to install them can be found from this link.


A very cool new feature of ASP.Net 5 is that it can run and be developed in other platforms. I was very excited to try and develop ASP.Net on a non-Windows machine. It gave me enough reason to buy and upgrade my MacBook Pro 2008 to MacBook Pro 2015 ;).

Just like in Windows, you will need to install the DNX, DNVM and DNU. But this time, since its on OSX, everything will be dependent on Mono (.Net Open Source Project). You can get Mono by installing through Homebrew (package manager) in OSX. Actually, it works backwards, in Homebrew when you install the latest ASP.Net and DNX it installs Mono automatically since its a required package of ASP.Net.

Linux soon!

I do not have now a Linux machine to try and install ASP.Net 5 so next time I will post my ASP.Net 5 adventures with Linux!

Sample Project ASP.NET 5

Omnisharp log – Error logged on opening the sample project

When opening the sample ASP.Net 5 DNX project with VS Code without first installing DNX, you will encounter an error logged under the Omnisharp log. This is a good way to know the sequence where it looks for the DNX framework.

Omnisharp log

The DNX framework can be installed on your system like what I did when I followed the steps to initially setup DNVM, DNU, DNX amongst others. But you can also, make available the different DNX versions in your local by getting and compiling them from the Github repository. This way, you can test different versions of DNX from your system. Running DNVM list will show you different versions installed in your machine.

Two versions of DNX

Running the sample apps

There are sample projects up in the ASP.NET repository. You can download or clone them from Github.

I tried to open and run the web application under the HelloMVC sample folder. This is a sample MVC ASP.NET 5 project which you can open in VSCODE.

Inside the project folder, you can execute

dnu restore

to make download the dependencies of the sample project. Visual Studio Code will also prompt you to do the restore.

DNU Restore VSCode Window

DNU Restore Complete

To execute and start the hosting of the project run the command

 dnx . web 


Open a browser and go to http://localhost:5001/ and you will see the sample MVC ASP.NET 5 project running.

Sample ASP NET 5 Website running

You can do the same steps to setup, compile and run the web project in OSX. As long as you have DNX installed you can start and run ASP.NET 5 projects. I’m trying to follow the latest in DNX and ASP.NET as a whole in Github – http://www.github.com/aspnet and try to contribute if possible 🙂 Thanks and until my next post!

Rasberry Pi with Raspbmc and AirPlay Rocks!

Raspberry Pi Logo

I’m very excited to play with a Raspberry Pi and see how a tiny computer the size of an iPhone screen would stream to a HDTV movies and other media using AirPlay. If you do not want to get an Apple TV to have AirPlay this is a good alternative. The actual size of a Raspberry Pi is 85.60 × 53.98 mm (3.370 × 2.125 in). This small computer has 2 USB ports, HDMI for video, ethernet port for network and a SD card slot for storage. It just requires a 500 to 700 mA power source to operate which can be provided by common USB ports.

Raspberry Pi  Features wtmk
Raspberry Pi Features and Specifications

Raspberry Pi in Action RS wtmk
Raspberry Pi with power and ports plugged in


Raspbmc is a complete installer of XBMC for the Raspberry Pi. XBMC is a free software media player that is available for Linux, OSX and Windows. Raspberry Pi runs on Linux which can be installed with XBMC. Raspbmc made an installer to run XBMC with a Raspberry Pi. It has a Windows and Linux/OSX installer which is very easy to follow.

Installation of Raspbmc

I have an OSX machine so I’ve followed the one for Linux/OS X installation guide from Raspbmc. But there is also available guide for Windows installation here.

Basically from your OS X machine, you need to download the installer and then run the installer (install.py) as root.

Raspbmc Install wtmk

After making sure the SD card is inserted in your OS X machine, you can proceed with the next step which is copying the Raspbmc image to your SD card.

Raspberry Install 2 wtmk

Configuration of Raspbmc

Insert the SD card with Raspbmc image to your Raspberry Pi and power it on.

Raspbmc will boot and install additional settings so grab a coffee and wait!

Xbmc Installer RS wtmk

After installation you will see the menu page for Raspbmc.

Xbmc Front Page RS wtmk


Do not forget to enable the “Allow XBMC to receive AirPlay content” option. Go to Settings – Services – AirPlay.

Xbmc with Airplay RS wtmk

From your iPad or any iOS device with AirPlay you will now have an option to stream to XBMC.

Raspberry Pi Airplay from iPad RS wtmk
Playing YouTube video from the iPad to a HDTV using AirPlay.

iTunes can also stream using AirPlay your videos and podcasts.

Airplay with iTunes

Since my MacBook Pro is not capable of AirPlay (AirPlay only supports Mac models 2011 and up). I’m using Air Video Server App to stream my movies from my MacBook Pro to my iPad and then from my iPad use AirPlay to stream to my HDTV.

AirPlay iPad with Air Video Server

Thank you to Scott Hanselman’s post on Raspberry Pi with Raspbmc for the information and inspiration 🙂 Raspberry Pi with Raspbmc rocks!

The New iPad Unboxing – My First iPad

Retina logo

I’m one of those persons that did not get it when the first generation iPad was launched in 2010. That time I thought why would someone use such a device for computing and daily consumption of media. I really agree back then with the comment that its a super sized iPod Touch! 🙂 I like ultra portable devices which I can carry in my pocket and discreetly use it whenever I need it for email, internet and games – that’s why I have my iPhone. If I want to use a bigger screen there is my ever reliable Macbook Pro, so I do not need an iPad.

iPad 2

When iPad 2 was released in 2011, I considered getting one because of the improvements in its form factor. It was 33% thinner and 15% lighter than the first iPad. The problem is it still uses the same screen resolution from the first iPad. Games and apps will still look the same in the screen with the same image quality. Nice improvements but not enough to snatch my 30K pesos. I decided not to get one.

My First iPad

When the new iPad was launched last month, everyone is expecting that it will have an improved screen resolution. Same as the Retina display used with the last two recent iPhone versions – iPhone 4/4S. Even the invite from Apple indicates that the screen has to be the main feature that will be upgraded. That is how much everyone wants the Retina display to be in a 9.7 inch screen like the iPad, even Apple knows they have to highlight that feature.

The upgraded processor, memory and camera is nothing compared with the upgrade to the Retina display feature in my opinion. What will the iPad look like if no Retina display was used in this version? An iPad 2S!

I was able to get a friend order the new iPad in the States last March 7. It was released and delivered in the States on the 16th. I got an iPad White 32GB Wifi only. I’m not too optimistic that 4G will be “fully” implemented in the Philippines soon. Anyway, I’m so excited that I even made sure to check everyday that the order did pushed through. After waiting for 2 weeks, I got my very first iPad unit!


Ipad box
iPad still sealed in the box

Ipad box cut
iPad first cut through to the box

Ipad lift from box
iPad first lift from the box

Ipad front
iPad front, first hands-on

Ipad accessories in box
iPad accessories inside the box

Ipad plastic peel off
iPad first peel of plastic

Ipad back buttons
iPad usual buttons at the back

Ipad Thank you Setup
iPad after user setup

iPad Retina Display


Some noteworthy reviews from the experts.

The Retina display is worth the wait. I would not want to have anything less than an HD screen on my next tablet for sure. Widescreen resolution next for iPad? There is a lot to look forward to for 2012 as Tim Cook said from his last keynote. Do not worry about me for now, I’m a happy camper with my new iPad.